Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ready to make her mark!


It has begun.  The Go Girl Shoppe is a go!  There is no stopping her, so you better move out of the way.  It has taken a little while to get her up and going but she is in full swing and ready for her debut in 2012!   We are doing some re-pairs on her but she will be just as fabulous as ever this coming spring.

<------ As you can see here this is the lovely soon to be Go Girl in all her glory when I first bought her.  To many you may see nothing fancy, but to me she is about to get all dolled up and show the world who she really is.  She is going to sparkle and shine!

Tomorrow this little bathing beauty will be getting the last walls put up in her before the new siding goes up inside.  The BF, who is also my handy man, or what I like to call him, You Go Boy, is helping me with this new adventure of mine.  Stayed tuned for more photos.

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