Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well hello again!  I am back in one piece.  I had the greatest time in the lovely town of Charleston South Carolina.  With the help of the boyfriend prying my fingers away from the shop, I was able to take a short vacation, which I was totally needing!  My best friend moved down there a couple of years ago.  A dreamer herself, she decided she wanted to get away, so she pack her bags, and headed towards the beach (however in a different state).  The visit was way over due, and I am so happy I got to see her.  Even better she just bought her first house, which was the cutest.

We did a lot of sight seeing, and saw so many cute shops.  I just love the vibe some of the stores exudes.  Charleston is very much so a historic town, that has the college town vibe.  It's kind of strange.  It gives off this old town money mixed with people who are eclectic, and artsy.  Totally me if I must say.  I wish I could have stayed longer, however the shop must go on.

Keep a look out.  We are planning on some new adventures out in June.  Get excited get excited.  We are working on some new items, that are going to be fun.  Be on the look out for us.


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