Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Wednesday!  Ahhh yes the middle of the week.  Now if we can all just make it to Friday, and then we will be free and ready for another great weekend!
Sorry I am writing so late.  It has been quite the busy week!  I had such a blast last weekend at the Flea.  Being at the Raleigh Flea market makes me feel like I am at home.  I get to meet so many different wonderful people.  The Go Girl Shoppe definitely feels the love when we are out there, not to mention the weather was wonderful.  You know what this means!?!  MORE VENDORS!   There were many great vendors out there as well, with the most interesting arrange of items.  You never really know what you will find when you are out there.
It was great to see so many new faces, and to make my days even better there were a few people that came to see the shop that saw on facebook that we would be out there.  I love it!  Keep on following us, we love our friends.

This coming Saturday we will be at the Personaility Festival in Roxboro NC.  Not only will you get to visit The Go Girl Shoppe but there will be a lot of activities, and other vendors there as well.
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