Saturday, April 21, 2012

well well well.... boy have I had a busy day Saturday! I drove down to Charlotte to do a little pick'n for the shop, and boy did I find some goodies!  I think it would be a under statement to tell you that this place had a bunch of "stuff", however I felt right at home.  It was wonderful!  There were acres and acre's of beautiful junk, antiques, and anything else you could think of.  The sun was shining, the weather was nice, the cowgirl boots on, and I was off and on my way for the hunt.

The boyfriend and I stayed for a full three hours.  When we first showed up it was so OVERWHELMING.  You know the feeling when it's Christmas and you can't sleep because you are so excited to open your presents the next morning.  This is exactly how I felt but it was even better.  There were so many of my favorite things that I honestly did not know where to even begin.  As I would sift through one pile I would catch a glimpse of something peaking out from below a bucket, and would eagerly rush to un-bury it.  

I was able to find some great treasures for the shop, and I hope that the people who they find a home with, enjoys them as much as I did when I saw them!  

That is beauty in finding things you love!


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