Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy day's aren't going to slow this girl down.  I must say that I much rather have a sunny day on the weekend than a rainy one, however I am using this day to my full advantage.  I have the music turned up, got the designer bug, and I have the screen print machine going.

I am obsessed with these little towels.  I'm not really sure... haha, maybe it's the cute sayings, bright colors, and how soft the they are.  I cheated and snagged one for my self.  I think the one below fits me perfectly!  I even saw my mother in the shop last week, showing one of our family friends some of the goodies for the big Mother's Day sale, and she just so happen to sneak one one in a goodie bag for him.

They are just about all done.  I need to iron them, wrap them up, place a tag around them, and then we will be good to go!

Hope your Sunday is just as fabulous!


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